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Aadai Kamini is an anchorwoman, who is very spontaneous, courageous and has a strong sense of feministism . Kamini is shown to have no understanding of the dynamics between ideology and freedom. Following the death of her father, Kamini was raised by her mother. Kamini’s mom is conservative and Kamini frequently does not agree with her mother on her beliefs.

In the #tag team she is a part of the #tag team along with Jennifer and some other people. They’ve been playing seriously pranks on innocent people over the last three years. This includes murders and medical emergency situations. On the day of her birthday, Kamini’s mother asks her to be a serious newsreader at least once so that she will be content however Kamini does not want to. Kamini’s birthday falls on same day that the news channel will be moving to new premises. As a part of a touching goodbye, the final show from the old building will be an actual live news feed that will be done by Jennifer. Kamini is with Jennifer while she’s getting ready, and Kamini remembers what her mother said earlier. Kamini then creates a news reading exercise in her head. Jennifer disappears for 10 minutes before the live feed starts and there is no way to leave, Kamini serves as a alternative newsreader. Contrary to the expectations of everyone, Kamini does well in the news reading. Jennifer is shown to be able to exit the upper-floor toilet, which got stuck. The firm vacates and leaves the building open over the weekend. Aadai HD

Kamini is celebrating her birthday with her friends at night with drinks and food. She also enjoys magic mushrooms. Kamini, while on talking to her mother, knowingly reveals that she was the one who had locked Jennifer in to show her the truth. Jennifer demands Kamini to go through the news naked, and she gets into a fight with her mom. As everyone gets high due to the magic mushrooms Kamini begins strip.

Kamini awakes the next morning to find her office empty , with no clothes or phone. The clothes are gone and she spends the entire day in the open, trying to get assistance in a variety of inexplicably inconvenient ways. She manages to grab her phone, however, since she is not able to balance her account and no balance, it’s impossible for her to make outgoing calls. She is able to place a food order on an toll-free number, and is waiting. Kamini then uses an iron pipe attack the delivery man and get his clothes. However, she is stunned to discover an delivery lady who is suddenly fainting from blood loss. Kamini tries to take her clothes off but the delivery lady awakes and holds Kamini. Kamini then hits the delivery girl in the head with her pipe and she flees to sound two locals arriving in the building. The delivery girl gets discovered by the locals who notify the police that they have killed her. Kamini is able to escape the police and them, who, when they arrive revive the girl.

Kamini is alone and locked up in the building, after the police have left. A friend of hers calls her to inform her that police arrested them the night before because they were drunk. But before she can say anything, her phone runs out of battery. In the meantime, Kamini’s mom is filing a complaint about her missing daughter in the same police station where her family members are in jail.

In the process of unlocking the door Kamini damaged the glass window at the entrance. Her arm is injured by breaking the glass. After a successful attempt, she goes out into the darkness. She discovers a trash bin outside and dogs chase her until she locates something to cover herself. She rushes back into the building, surrounded by dogs. She falls and slips on broken glass. Then , she locks herself in the bathroom, and begins crying, feeling helpless. She reminds herself about her bravery and promises made to her mom regarding her exit from the office with her dignity intact. Then she uses a roll of toilet paper to cover her genitals. She exits the building to find herself stuck in the rain. She sees police tape and covers herself in it. Then she begs for help from a passing motorist with a raincoat. Instead of giving her the clothes Kamini’s, the passerby gave her the bag. Kamini takes off her clothes, and then chases after the passerby, until she is startled by the approaching police van. The person who was chasing her turns out to be the delivery girl Kamini attacked earlier. Then, she reveals that she’s the source of Kamini’s petty sexiness. They start fighting before Kamini starts pulling the girl’s clothes for revenge. Kamini is then struck by a flashback.

The delivery girl Nangeli (played by Ananya Ramaprasad), was an aspirant for the civil service from a tribal village located in the Manjolai Hills and had completed the UPSC preliminary examination two years earlier. She was sent to Chennai by her family members for the UPSC Mains Examination. Kamini was waiting for an Auto when her friends played a prank geared towards medical professionals on the girl. This led Kamini to skip her exam and ruined her first. When the girl’s mother came to Chennai for the following year’s examination, she fainted , and no one was there to help as they thought it was just another joke. Nangeli, who is now a delivery lady is required to study for the test again. She meets Kamini when she brings food to her workplace.

Resentful, Nangeli sought revenge. Kamini and her companions had amusement in the office building, which she was able to follow. Kamini informs her colleagues that she’s allowed to remain naked in the office for one day. She observes Kamini taking a walk to the bathroom as she hears her friends departing to drink more before entering the building to find both Kamini as well as her friend Jennifer passed out in the bathroom. Nangeli uses Jennifer’s mobile phone to contact Jennifer’s father, asking him to pick her up because she’s too drunk to go home. Once Jennifer is removed Nangeli goes through the office to eliminate everything. She then removes Kamini’s garments and hides them in an air vent. Nangeli is watching Kamini closely as she gets up. When Kamini orders food Nangeli rushes to the delivery guy and pretends to be the delivery person.

Nangeli donated blood to the moving blood donation bus prior to when Kamini woke. She plays the victim Kamini by fainting in an attempt to get help. However, Kamini hits her on the head. Nangeli talks about how social media has created a dangerous world in which the snap of a photo, or an op-ed can be fatal. Kamini then asks if Nangeli blames social media for people’s obsession with it. Nangeli says that although anyone is free to be who they want but it shouldn’t be misused. This leads Kamini to recognize her error. Nangeli reveals she did not wish to exact revenge, but wanted to understand how much pain Kamini caused. She tells how she fled from the hospital where Kamini was in order to avoid the pain and to escape from the police officers in the outside. Kamini is a sociable woman, thought she would leave the office without clothes on. In reality, she has revealed that she’s not shameless. Nangeli is also upset seeing how Kamini has been injured after stepping on glass and running from the dogs. She apologizes to Kamini and they split up. Kamini shifts from performing jokes in public, and then uncovering scandals in the offices of politicians and her friends. She is portrayed as the main reason behind the detention and removal of a songwriter who was a member of parliament. Nangeli as the film ends shows, is still working on her final exams and working as courier.

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