Guardians 2017

During the Cold War, the secret group called “Patriot” is a group of Soviet superheroes that alter and expand the DNA of a number of individuals in order to protect the nation from superhuman threats. The team is comprised of members from the Soviet Union. Arseniy known as Arsus, can change into a massive, powerful bear-man. Temirkhan (codenamed Khan) is incredibly fast and equipped with two curving blades. Lernik is codenamed Ler can control stones and earth. Additionally, Xenia can become invisible underwater.

The program works in the same manner as Module-1. It permits Professor Avgust Kuratov, Stanislav Shirin and Stanislav Shirin to flee to the wild to carry on his work. But, he’s able to be able to survive because he’s been trapped by chemical substances. He restores his body and later transforms into a Cyborg. The Cyborg lets him create electric power and to control machines. Additionally, he has developed an army of clones of himself and is determined to prove to the world he’s a genius. After the blast, Arsus, Ler, Khan and Xenia are forced to hide for a long time.

In the present, many walking robots which were utilized in training exercises go against their instructors and are killed. This results in the Ministry of Defence convening a meeting and making the decision to revive the Patriot group under the direction of Major Elena Larina and to locate their missing super agents. Ler is found meditating in Armenia, Khan in the steppes of Kazakhstan, Arsus in a remote cabin in north Siberia as well as Xenia performing tricks in the Moscow circus. The first task is to investigate Kuratov’s lab within an old factory. However they are taken.

Kuratov gives his Guardians a chance of joining his army, but they decline. Kuratov then strangles Ler to death.

Major Elena frees the other members of Kuratov’s team. Kuratov uses poison gas to kill his clones. Guardians are trained at the Patriots facility, and are given guns and suits.

The Guardians travel towards Moscow: Xenia, Arsus and Ler advance through the streets. Ler beats a number of soldiers at an underground car park. Khan uses an aircraft to attempt to fly over Kuratov’s Force field. The three Guardians go into a shopping center and then begin crossing an iron pipe connecting to the tower-beacon, but are shot by Kuratov’s soldiers on another pipe. Khan is thrown from an aircraft, and then swings an axe to cut the pipe. Kuratov’s troops are defeated.

As the other Guardians try to figure out ways to shut down the power source that powers Kuratov’s beacon Xenia is able to grab the source of power and attempt to cut it off. While she’s injured she is able to stop the beacon’s transmitters temporarily and causes the field of force to fall. Kuratov is defeated by the Guardians but they’re unable to defeat him. Khan utilizes his speed to tie the entire team of Guardians to an elongated rope, and then connect the rope to the aircraft to escape. Kuratov interfers with the aircraft’s control, but Khan cut the grappling rope and they fall into the river just before the plane crashes.

Once they are out of the river, they contemplate going back to Kuratov’s beacon to destroy it and kill Kuratov, but Major Elena arrives and orders the Guardians not to. The Guardians are warned that as superhumans, they are able to draw their energy and release it in the form of a blast, but doing this could cause death. Kuratov is killed when the Guardians meet and unleash a blast of energy which will destroy the Kuratov’s building and all supporting skyscrapers. Major Elena claims that, while Kuratov boasted about having invented the Guardians but they actually created themselves.

The Guardians are recuperating, and they meet with Major Elena in the newly rebuilt Moscow. They decide to return to their normal lives , but are willing to continue their work to support Patriot. After leaving, Elena tells them that “we discovered others Guardians. ” Elena is seen kicking an officer in a post-credits scene after the truck has stopped. After she confronts the soldier, he informs her that “Ferrum” is sending him as part of an unknown assignment.

Guardians (2017) โคตรคนการ์เดี้ยน



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